Assistance for Men… be Men

We shall all remain to be different from another. But someone can categorize a person words simply by another past reaction. We should in no way assume the bad in someone just because that’ s all you already been use to. This goes to say that every men are definitely not the same.

There are some good males out there in this world that’ s waiting for a chance to show his worth to a woman as well. Men, never allow your pride blind your eyes from what you need to realize. A good girl now is hard to come by. Pain can change an individual mentally and emotionally also.

I’ m not saying a lot of my women out there has given up. But some offers indeed build a huge wall in order to safely guard up. This will possibly keep you from her every being or keep you very busy earning a woman trust, loyalty and respect. Don’ t assume for all women to be soft, toughness follows with the power of strength. Don’ t assume all women to be easy, giving in so quickly only shows insecurities and a urge for a few desperate attention.

Yes, you should be gentle in the direction of a woman, fragile sometimes she could be. Understand the meaning of a solid conversation. Seek understanding through every aspect of the relationship. It’ s easy to argue about a dispute when no communication or even understatement starts in the beginning.

Don’ t leave from her when she requirements you the most. Embrace her along with full compassion. Never settle for a fast lie only to cover up with more is situated. Try to maintain honesty among your self before you can with another. Be in a committed relationship with GOD and yourself first before you walk into somebody else life. Know what and who you want before you assume what or who have you need.

Before you raise your fist in the direction of a woman, just imagine another doing the same towards your mother or daughter(s). In no way play with a woman’ s emotions. That’ s like jumping into a fire without no water. The reason why say, “ I love you” with out no meaning to follow. Mean whatever you say with actions to back your words.

It takes a honest guy to acknowledge his truth. It will take a strong man to acknowledge his weakness. It takes a loyal guy to always honor what/who he might cherish. It takes a committed guy to fully understand the term commitment without deceiving. But also to learn from his mistakes, that we all seem to create. It takes a man to become a man, but never in disguise. Give a good loyal woman a chance. But as being a man is all in your hands.

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  • cardskid22:

    I love being a man, that’s probably why I am writing these questions in the first place. I’m not really looking for answers at this point, I just want more questions posted (especially if they are pro-women)

    Why is it that men’s’ grades are slipping over all; and women are more focused?

    Why is it that the court automatically favours women? If a man does not have a job he is considered as a looser, if the women does not have one it’s acceptable .

    … There are a lot books out there about scamming men, ie. Golddigging, how to train you man, how to get what you want from your man etc

    … why can women can have their nails, boobs, hair extensions, lipo… and this list goes on and on, done… whilst if a guy get a wig he is laughed at

    … men are always the ones laughed at in the movies ie. If I guy slips and hurts it’s funny – you’ll never see it happen to a girl

    … if a guy gets a painful hit in the balls it’s also considered to be funny, it’s considered to be serious if it happens to a girl
    … When a couples’ fight goes public everyone initially takes the women side no matter what, especially if there are men around

    … feminism? What’s that? Why are women fighting for their rights when they have the upper hand in most situations? Men don’t have any organisation like that

    … child custody is a joke! Why should I loose my children because my wife cheated on me or just decided tp leave?

    … Women keep saying that they are vulnerable to physical abuse, what about men being mentally abused? That is something that isn’t tangible and is surely very common in relationships!
    … Why do women keep saying “be a man” or “take it like a man”? what the hell do they mean?

    … somehow overall I feel that men are always an easy target to pick a fight with, or to pick on. Correct me if I’m wrong!
    The winner (chosen by voters) of my last post said:

    “There are plenty of men who lack b*lls BUT they choose to be this way!”….. please tell what “lacks balls” means to you?? isn;t that like saying “be a man”?? I don’t get your answer!!

    also “Open your eyes – It goes BOTH ways!”, again – everything goes boths ways… please justify your answer
    6ofUs – Perfect answer! Really – Thanks for your comment. It’s strange how many different reactions people have when they are asked the question!
    This is a hard one, I think every submitter has a valid point! both men and women.

  • jdfan:

    I was reading the article on Yahoo! ‘s homepage and found some of the rhetoric to be interesting. A few points:

    The article is titled “Suburban Homeless: Rising Tide of Women, Families” yet as the article clearly shows, there are plenty of people who are neither women nor a part of a family who are suffering.

    Second the wording of this little tid bit I found to be particularly eyebrow raising-

    “The federal government is again counting the nation’s homeless and, by many accounts, the suburban numbers continue to rise, especially for families, women, children, Latinos and men seeking help for the first time. Some have to be turned away.”

    Women, children, Latinos, and men? What? Am I the only one who sees a problem with the way that was structured?

    Your thoughts on what this indicates about the underlying perspectives of our society?

  • turg143:

    What condition did the woman Kalanah have that required her to go to the hospital? Cancer

    What does Campbell give to the children in exchange for his golf balls?

    Why is Campbell now the tribe’s medicine man?

    Why does Bronx have to keep the guinea pigs with her, instead of them staying with Campbell?

    What has Dr. Campbell found? What is the problem?

    What does Campbell believe contains his cure? Where is it found?

    What was the effect of the arrival of white men on the natives of the Amazon?

    What threatens the forest and its people?

    Campbell did something when he was younger that he feels very guilty for. What is this thing that affects him so much, and is partly the reason he prefers the jungle to civilized life? Explain it fully.

    Why do they have to give Bronx the yoco extract?

    Why does the old medicine man laugh at Campbell and call him a fool?

    What actually contains the chemical they call peak 37? How did Campbell stumble onto it the first time?

    At the end off the movie, what is it that Bronx and Campbell have to do now? What are they looking for?

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