DO’s and DON’TS of Groom Advice

If you are a man that is soon to be married, there is almost definitely some small part of you that feels that you could really use some good groom advice. Somewhere along the way, you became a grown-up, but you never got the handbook. Right now, you are probably wondering how men throughout history have managed to not screw this up and doom the human race.

Luckily for you, most of your pre-wedding duties are largely in a support role and simply involve you staying out of the way and doing whatever you are told. Thought of that way, this is good training for your eventual marriage. Be a good fellow, and use this time to hone your nodding and grunting skills. This extra skill will prove invaluable in the months ahead, as you meet the legion of vendors who will be providing the goods and services that will be found at your wedding. Most of them will be reporting directly to your future bride, anyway.

In all seriousness, though, groom advice has traditionally come from older male relatives and close friends. A problem with that model comes up if the groom simply doesn’ t have any older male relatives, or any friends who have gotten married. In this case, it’ s up to the groom to soldier on virtually clueless. Oddly enough, this is also good training for your eventual marriage. Do not skimp on the photographer. This is the professional that you are going to document your memories for posterity. Shop around, check him/her out, and hire the best you can.

Provide a Way for Your Guests to Participate in Recording Your Special Day

Set up a special wedding account with an online photo-sharing website and encourage them to send their cell phone and digital camera pictures.

Do Not Make Her Do All the Planning

All joking aside, planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful tasks imaginable, even if you use the services of a professional wedding planner. Make sure you are there to offer your support, it even if it means being the gofer that is happy to make coffee and doughnut runs.

Do Pick a Way to Positively Affect the Wedding in Your Own Way

She has probably been planning on this day for years, so she has definite ideas and visions in her head of what she wants. This is your wedding to, so make sure you pick one thing to be yours. For example, you pick the first song dance to after you’ re married, or you choose the place for the rehearsal dinner.

Do Not Forget to Eat a Little Something after the Ceremony

Too many couples become so busy personally greeting their guests that they forget to actually eat until hours later. Nobody wants to remember that you passed out from low blood sugar on your special day. Do remember to present your mother with a bouquet of flowers during your groom’ s speech at the reception. This is a “ Grade-A” classy move.

Lastly, regardless of who gave you your groom advice, take this as an opportunity to establish your own traditions as well. One day, you will be the older male relative passing down your knowledge and experience.

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  • louisewoods1984:

    i’ve got a small plan for my wedding and so i didnt want a wedding coordinator but im stillvgoing to college and dealing part-time and so i do not have enough time to organize my wedding, what exactly may be the average that you’d purchase a wedding coordinator?

  • The Inc:

    What are career opportunities for wedding planners?

  • Picean:

    I’m interested in becoming a wedding planner. Anyone have any ideas on how to get started???

  • liza:

    I am finishing doing my a levels this summer. I have always wanted to be a wedding/events planner, as i love to organise things. I have looked for apprenticeships but there doesn’t seem to be an in my area, Manchester. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any companies that would take me on and train me, or of any apprenticeships going.


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