Learning How to Attract a Guy in Simple Steps

Most guys boast all of them as simple. However , this is quite the opposite plus usually are very complicated. Under this kind of situations, it often becomes difficult for virtually every girl or woman to find the right guy. Luckily, the process of finding has ceased to be elusive. There are a few important factors that women could consider to come across the right guy.

Attitude is the key player in building the chemical substance between two people. Women have to work out on their attitude to make sure that can easily entice a guy. It is necessary to understand that every guy has a different taste. Women do not need to assume that men always look for women with big breasts. Relaxing is essential for any women before they venture out to look for the right guy. This is the 1st lesson that would be learning in how to entice a guy. Staying positive and preserving the cool is important. Smile is a wonderful asset and creates a positive vibe to the opposite sex. The ability to keep others happy and in good firm is a major attraction point. Developing positivity is a real charm and women benefit the same in return.

Confidence is the other area that women have to work hard. You are able to stay confident when a person thinks in self and loves personal. Learning to love self is an art. It creates a wonderful atmosphere and very easily attracts the opposite sex. Building plus maintaining a good impression is essential. Learning to limit complaining and acting positively in any situation is another area that ladies should concentrate. Being proud of personal accomplishments is the need of the hr. This will help build confidence level and paves path in attracting the right guy. This is a critical stage in learning how to attract a guy.

Past comparison will be helpful to go through the present change in attitude. Creating a goal will help elevate the level of self-confidence and other weak areas. Working constantly on improving self will help any individual to develop all the necessary qualities that will easily attract any guy. However , it is necessary to maintain the momentum for the rest of the life. Apart from relationships, these developments also help build a good popularity in the workplace. Body language is another area that ladies have to work with to maintain the energy when they converse with a guy. Eye contact, credibility, open minded and humorous have immense attracting capabilities.

Learning how to attract a man will help women who think they might never find one. The reasons could be many, but with constant development, it is possible to run into the guy that a girl offers always wished to be with. Appearance also plays a good role within attracting a guy. In fact , appearance is the first element that catches the interest of the guy. Other elements follow the suit and give an opportunity for a female or a women to keep the magic still living that helps build a good relationship along with Mr. right.

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  • johnkaiser 22:

    I know this is extremely long, and I can completely understand if you can’t read it all. But I feel that I need to for the sake of getting my full point across and fully expressing how I feel.

    For as long as I can remember I have always been timid and shy. I’m 20 years old and as much I don’t like to admit, never had a girlfriend and a virgin. I’m not as bad as I was in my younger years, as a child and a young teenager I had trouble with the most basic social skills, even something as simple as paying for something at a counter or asking a question in class when I don’t understand. I’ve always just had trouble expressing myself and putting forward my opinion and just being who I want to be.

    People have always told me to be myself, and I’ve always tried to take this advice on as much as possible. Though it is 100% true I’ve finally realised that this statement on it’s own like this isn’t true. It has to be broken down further. Just telling me “to be myself” isn’t going to help me find myself, as cheesy as that may sound. I need to learn to respect myself but the bizarre thing is I don’t know how. They say that the first step to solving a problem is realising there is one. I realise this, yet I can’t seem to do it, which is why I feel so confused and lost.

    Einstein’s definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This is why I am currently asking this question for anyone’s advice. My whole life I’ve been an average guy doing average things: I go to school, work, college etc. I go home, repeat then maybe at the weekend I’ll go out with friends. This has to change. As a younger boy I used to envision my future and just imagine a world where I am confident and living life as who I want to be. I always just assumed that one day this would just happen, as I’ve heard stories of shy people who later become confident. But it hasn’t happened and I realise it never will, unless I take something upon myself to change. The only time I can do it and it’s only for a short burst is when I take alcohol, which I don’t want to forever resort to just to feel like myself. I’ll get drunk and around anyone I can just say what I feel and enjoy myself. Then I sober up and feel like crap because it’s so pathetic that I have to resort to a drug in order to do it. I only drink maybe once at the weekend. The worst part is that no matter how drunk I get, I can still never talk to girls. I can literally but never getting anywhere intimately. A kiss, flirty chat, a date, her phone number, just nothing!

    What I am asking is, does anyone know something that I can take upon myself to help with this? I’ve been told taking dancing classes or yoga or something may help, but I have no idea if any of this is true? Or what other things I can do? A specific place to look for part time work, as I am at college?

    The reason I have suddenly woke up and decided it’s time to change is because of my last question about a girl who played me in order to boost her confidence, then ditched me for another guy and had sex. It’s made me feel humiliated inside and rather depressed. But the truth is I’m glad it happened because before this, my insecurities lay in the back of my mind, and I went about my day to day accepting it. Now it’s all in the front of my mind and it’s eating me away inside how pathetic I am. But as much as it hurts like hell, it’s made me wake up and gave me the motivation to change. I realise that we’re all gonna die one die and we need to make the most of life. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so many years of my life being so held back, not being able to do what I want to do, feeling oppressed, depressed, alienating myself because of so many years on top of years of just accepting this life and doing nothing about it! I’m so sick and tired! It’s not even like other people hold me back, it’s myself! I’m my own worst enemy! But I’m rather scared at the same time, what if I can never become confident and there is no hope? I can’t see the future and I’m absolutely terrified that I won’t amount to anything. I want to be a somebody, and be proud and happy with what I’ve done before I die. And when I’m older I want to help people stuck in a situation like myself and give them hope.

    I know at the end of the day that no one’s answer will actually change my life. Unless I go out there into the world and take it upon myself will something happen. And I get that. I now nothing happens over night, I know it will be a long journey but I need someone’s help on where and how to take that first step?

    Thanks for reading and anyone’s answers are appreciated! :)
    Hey thank you to everyone for your replies. I’ve read every single one thoroughly and appreciate everyone’s answers. I do feel rather better already and I’m thankful for some eye openers in what I can do to pick myself up.

  • Andre:

    First of all, Why dont guys ask me out ever!! i mean i am not bad looking, i am sweet, and i can be like really funny but i feel like no guy ever wants to ask me out. Like what the hell am i doing wrong? What should i do to help me with guys? Idk

    ok, i cant really like describe myself. Like i like playing the piano but i am not like a band geek or anything its just a hobby. I love shopping and hanging out with friends. i love goin to my high school football games and stuff like that. I am outgoing and wear american eagle hollister abercrombie clothes not like saying i’m a rich ***** just saying that i dress nice. lol idk what else to say i just would like to have a guy who is always there for me and who cares about me. but i would love to just go on dates and experience different types of guys. but i cant do that till a guy actually askes me out.lol

    O and like evry time i try asking a guy out they are either dating somebody or already really like someone like what the hell? do i just have like horrible luck? omg

    heres a pic of me you be the judge lol am i lke ugly?? lol C:Documents and SettingsOwnerDesktopKP823082039.jpg

    sorry 4 saying “like” to many times. i was typing fast and just kept adding them in there. sorry! haha

  • Dark_LovexXx:

    i like this guy at my skool and i really want him to like me back but i need some ways to do this?? HOW!!

  • brincks26:

    In college, never been in a serious relationship, never had sex, socially awkward, not confident, and pretty sure I’m more attracted to being in a relationship than an actual person.

    I would like to have a relationship with someone who I would like to eventually become serious with (I’m not into the whole love at first sight crap). The attributes above are what I feel inhibit my success on this area. Now I’ve done plenty of google searches on all of this stuff and some of the advice was okay, some great, and some bad. I would like to develop enough self-confidence so that talking with strangers is nothing to me. What steps do people take to become confident?

    Another concern is that I feel like I haven’t experienced as much as my peers. Being a virgin and in college surrounded by hordes of attractive women, needless to say, I get a little antsy about wanting to throw out the ol’ V-card. Is it worth it to just have sex for the experience so that I won’t be so obsessed with rushing a relationship to the point of having sex?

    One last thing. I’ve lost plenty of friends to being enslaved by their girlfriends until their whole personality has been changed. How can I retain my personality while still being able to compromise on issues that would inevitably arise between my girlfriend an I?

  • Le Pwner:

    i like this guy…hes everything i want in a guy. i could go on forever listing the good things about him. he likes me ,but he has no idea i like him. he flirts alot by saying things like im soo in love with you, marry me baby, or caling me his wife but playfuly. he gives me hugs and he even held my hand once in way that couldve been very awkward but it wasnt…he was very relaxed about it and it made me feel comfortable. well theres a problem…i NEVER know what to say/do when he flirts so i just smile and/or laugh. i want to show him how much i like him, but i dont know how. i want to know alot of different opinions,advice,and/or suggestions about this. please leave a comment!

  • Alun J:

    –My Answer–
    Same sex–Most of my friends are guys. 90% of females are prissy, two faced, overly sensitive and jealous..CAN NOT stand that.

    Opposite sex–Not many things besides the fact that they get better things (better pay even thou a female is doing the SAME job), also they don’t have to deal with double standards that much. SMH

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