Occasionally Too Fast is Just Too Fast When You Want Your pet to Commit

It' ersus funny how when you get that feeling like the guy you are dating is growing rapidly definitely someone you want to be with, probably even settle down with – part of you kind of expects that he is going to be feeling the same exact way.

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  • Hannah:

    So I have a 1 1/2 year old Mini Australian Shepherd who growls when he’s eating canned (mashed) food only. We usually serve him dry food, but occasionally we’ll throw in some canned food (same brand, same flavor, same everything, just canned).

    The first few times we gave him some canned food he tried gobbling it down faster than he could chew. My girlfriend and I moved his food bowl (carefully) away from him to get him to slow down. He immediately growled, which he never does. Occasionally we’ll pet him to see if he growls while he eats, with dry food he doesn’t make a sound, with canned he growls then walks away till were a few feet from his bowl, then walks back and continues eating.

    I know I’d be pretty peeved if someone where petting me while I ate, or took my food away for eating too fast, so I don’t blame him. I just don’t want our dog to grow up and snip or even growl at a child getting too close to his canned food. We discipline him as best we know how (take the bowl away for a few min, then try the process till he stops growling, which he usually never does), is there anything we’re not doing, or something we should stop doing, besides not giving him canned food, obvious answer I know but any other suggestions? Thanks for any help!

  • Echo:

    I was thinking to myself on villains and their reasons. Even though you spend a lot of effort in their motives on their bad deeds, what can weaken their motivation. Or what makes a villain’s motivation weak? Let’s say for example, my main villain is Zenkouru and he committed acts of violence and genocide to other nations due to his past and father’s advice on the dark magicians origins and being manipulated into believing that the Inochi Valley, the place where he was taken care after his home was attacked by the dark magicians called the Agnarturs, had the dark magician origin stated there, but it wasn’t true. So guys, any thoughts.
    I really need more than that. Any more thoughts?

  • Praveen:

    i keep on thinking that in some years my lovers (family,pet,friends) will die and in some years i will die too…so,i cant stop thinking about it im crying all die bcuz of that..what can i do guys..? i dont wanna lose them or my life but i know that this cant change.. what can i do :’(( ?

  • Bryant B:

    I have always been a very introverted person who kept to herself always. I spent my childhood in my room away from everyone an anyone. I went to counseling for my social anxiety problem- I hate crowds and thus, going into public and dealing with so many people. I have never been able to fully get alon with someone either because I usually find them self-centered and annoying. I’m always very good about keeping my temper and not telling them off though- my irritation slips out a bit and I distance myself so they can understand, but I’ve never barked at or yelled at anyone. I just find people increasingly irritating and the dislike for them seems to grow…
    I recently had this theory though that seemed to explain why I’ve always kept to my inner shell and stayed far from people. The noise they make- that’s what bugs me.
    My mother mumbles and talks to herself, my father talks too loud an chews with his mouth open, large crowds are full of chatter and stupid laughter, etc. that’s why I like bein alone- it’s always peaceful and silent. Could this be possible? I apologize if I’m not being clear or sounding rude…I promise I’m not, it’s just a hard thing to explain in a friendly matter. And it’s not just a “pet peeve” thing. Often times it makes me so frustrated and angered I just want to yell and scream and curse. I usually stay silent an just try to walk away though..
    Thank you to anyone with an answer :)

  • Krazy Bob:

    I have come to fall in love with whippets! I have a yard and good sized home, but some people say you need to take them on 30-40 min runs/2x a day… however I thought whippets were short distance runners not so much needing to run that much.

    I do run occasionally, but I’m not a sprinter and if I take my dog running I don’t want him to pull me forward or outrun me, especially a dog that fast. I’ve never owned a dog before, and I’ve done a lot of research, but is there anyone out there who goes running/jogging with their dogs? Is it fairly easy to get your dog to keep pace with you?

    Also I am considering Italian Greyhound.. I know they’re a lot more inactive and from my understanding harder to housetrain? correct me if I’m wrong. Greyhound is too big for me but all around I love all of them. :)

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